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Finland to receive 850 refugees under the refugee quota for 2020

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 17.9.2019 19.20 | Published in English on 18.9.2019 at 21.04
Press release 67/2019

In its budget session on 17 September, the Government decided that the annual number of quota refugees will be raised from the current 750 to 850 in line with the Government Programme. The Finnish authorities select the quota refugees to be admitted to Finland on the basis of a submission by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Under the 2020 refugee quota, Finland will receive a total of 400 Syrian refugees from Lebanon and Turkey and 200 Congolese refugees from Zambia. In addition, Finland will receive a total of 130 refugees from Niger, including particularly vulnerable refugees evacuated by the UNHCR from Libya to Niger. However, Finland might also receive refugees evacuated from Libya from other countries where an evacuation mechanism may be established.

Finland is also preparing for the resettlement of 120 emergency and urgent cases. Emergency and urgent cases mean people who are in need of urgent resettlement because they need protection or they have serious medical needs, for example. These people are resettled without any limitations on nationality or region.

The Ministerial Working Group on Internal Security and Strengthening the Rule of Law decided on the allocation of the quota. The decision was based on a proposal prepared jointly by the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. It will be adopted by the Ministry of the Interior once the Budget has been approved by Parliament.

Resettlement of quota refugees is the most effective way to help

Since their need for protection is assessed before they arrive in Finland, the resettlement of quota refugees is the most effective way of helping refugees in severe distress. Finland has resettled quota refugees since the 1970s. We have done a lot of work to successfully integrate new arrivals in Finnish society.

Along with the European Commission, Finland has also encouraged other EU Member States to get involved in resettlement of refugees. Global resettlement needs have grown in recent years. The UNHCR estimates that in 2020 altogether 1.44 million refugees will be in need of resettlement.

EU provides financial support to Member States for resettlement of quota refugees

The European Commission allocates funds from the EU's Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) to support resettlement. Member States participating in the resettlement programme receive financial assistance from the Fund based on the number of people they have resettled.

Member States receive a lump sum of EUR 6,000 or 10,000 for every person resettled depending on the country of origin or on how urgently the person needs to be resettled. In Finland, this money is used to place quota refugees in municipalities and help them integrate, and for improving the processes of authorities involved in resettlement.

Finland will receive a lump sum of EUR 10,000 for every refugee resettled under the refugee quota for 2020.


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