Government proposes more stringent provisions on migration

18.4.2024 14.15
On 18 April, the Government submitted a number of proposals related to migration to Parliament. They concern more stringent provisions on international protection, preventing evasion of provisions on entry, introducing a border procedure and reducing the reception allowance. A proposal concerning the period of residence laid down in the Citizenship Act was also submitted to Parliament.

Government proposes extended use of technology by Border Guard

18.4.2024 14.10
The Government proposes that the Border Guard be allowed to use more modern technology in its key statutory duties, such as border control and the maintenance of border security and order along the border. The government proposal for amending the Border Guard Act and certain related acts was submitted to Parliament on 18 April.

Savings allocated to Ministry of the Interior’s branch of government do not endanger internal security

17.4.2024 16.47
Prime Minister Petteri Orpo’s Government agreed on the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2025–2028 on 16 April 2024. According to the plan, the level of appropriations for the Ministry of the Interior’s branch of government will decrease each year. The decrease in the spending limits of the Ministry of the Interior is due to the elimination of one-off increases, a decrease in reception expenditure and the savings allocated to the branch of government.

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