More detailed information will be used in the future to develop the Finnish Immigration Service

14.1.2022 12.07
The Ministry of the Interior’s project examined ways to clarify the picture of migration to Finland in the next few years and its impacts on the Finnish migration administration, especially the Finnish Immigration Service. The aim is to ensure that the migration administration meets the needs of society by means of smooth services.

Restrictions on entry remain largely unchanged until 31 January

13.1.2022 14.12
Internal border control will continue and the restrictions on entry will remain largely unchanged until 31.1. However, some exemptions will be made for people who cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19 for medical reasons. The Government decided on these changes at its session on 13.1. and they will enter into force on 17.1.

Legislative project launched to bring police cooperation agreement between Finland and Sweden into force

20.12.2021 10.28
Poliisin hihamerkki.
The Ministry of the Interior has today set up a legislative project to prepare a government proposal for adopting and bringing into force the agreement on police cooperation in the border area between Finland and Sweden.

Amendment to the reception act clarifies responsibilities for preparing for mass influx of migrants

16.12.2021 15.32
The reception act will be amended so that the Finnish Immigration Service will have central responsibility for preparedness planning concerning the organisation of reception services in the event of a mass influx of migrants. The President of the Republic approved the bill for the act on Thursday 16 December. The act will enter into force on 1 January 2022.

Changes in police service fees: passport price falls, prices of other licences and permits remain the same or rise

16.12.2021 14.01
Police licence and permit fees are due to change in 2022. The price of a passport will fall, while most prices of other licences and permits will rise. The prices of identity cards will remain unchanged. The changes reflect the cost-correlation of licences and permits. The fees charged for licences and permits must correspond by law to the costs incurred in issuing these documents.

New strategy on expatriate Finns takes better account of the needs of Finns living abroad

13.12.2021 10.36
Strategy on Expatriate Finns 2022–2026.
Today, on 13 December, the Ministry of the Interior published the Strategy on Expatriate Finns 2022–2026. The Strategy sets objectives and actions to respond to the service needs of expatriate Finns and to make better use of their expertise.