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Interior Minister Mikkonen to meet Malta’s Interior Minister Camilleri in Helsinki on 28 September

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 28.9.2022 10.59
Press release

Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen will meet with Maltese Minister of the Interior Byron Camilleri in Helsinki on 28 September. The Ministers will discuss, among other things, the EU’s progress in reforming its migration and asylum policy as well as the instrumentalisation of migrants.

The EU’s migration and asylum reform proceeded during the French Presidency, and in June, the Member States reached an agreement on two proposals for Regulations included in the reform package.

“It is important that the EU makes use of the agreement reached during the French Presidency and moves to the next stage of the reform without delay,” Mikkonen says.

In June, more than 20 EU Member States (including Finland) and Schengen associated countries signed a political declaration of solidarity for the benefit of five Mediterranean countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Malta). At the moment, the signatories have made commitments concerning the relocation of slightly more than 8,000 asylum seekers.

Finland has also signed the declaration and is prepared to receive asylum seekers as internal transfers. The number and profiles of the transferred persons will be discussed at the national level, and the Government will decide on the matter. In 2020, Finland relocated 175 asylum seekers, 28 of which were transferred from Malta.

The discussion on solidarity and the balance between responsibility and solidarity will continue during the Czech Presidency.

Solutions to instrumentalisation of migrants sought at national and EU level

The Ministers will also discuss the instrumentalisation of migration and responses to it. Finland has taken a number of national measures to be better prepared for a mass influx of migrants and instrumentalisation of migration. The immigration authorities are mainly responsible for preparing for a mass influx of migrants.

In July 2022, the Finnish Parliament adopted laws under which the Government can decide to close or restrict border crossing points and to centralise the reception of asylum applications to one or more border crossing points if this is necessary to avert a serious threat to public order, national security or public health.

Solutions to instrumentalisation of migrants are also sought at the EU level.

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