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First supplementary budget for 2020
Additional funding to the police, the Border Guard and rescue services for expenditure arising from the coronavirus outbreak

Ministry of the Interior 20.3.2020 12.19
Press release 21/2020
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The Government submitted its first supplementary budget proposal for 2020 to Parliament on Friday 20 March. In the supplementary budget proposal, the police, the Border Guard and rescue services are to receive a total of EUR 9.2 million for expenditure arising from the coronavirus outbreak.

Funding to the police for hiring additional workforce

In the supplementary budget, an appropriation of EUR 5.6 million is proposed for the police for expenditure arising from the coronavirus epidemic. This appropriation is intended to be used for hiring additional workforce and to cover increases in occupational health expenditure, cleaning and supplies. 

- Additional personnel will facilitate the workload in the police units and enable us to maintain the security of the police and citizens at the highest possible level, "says Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo.

Additional funding for the implementation of border control

Finland has temporarily reintroduced border control at the EU's internal borders between 19 March and 13 April 2020. The European Union has reintroduced control at its external borders until 30 April 2020. Finland is responsible for the control of its own external borders. 

Because of the increase in border control, an additional appropriation of EUR 2.5 million is proposed for the Border Guard. In addition, an increase of EUR 0.5 million is proposed for the Border Guard for occupational health expenditure arising from the coronavirus epidemic.

Internal border control must be carried out by the same personnel who normally only carry out external border control. As a result, the labour input of the current personnel will have to be significantly increased through overtime and on-call arrangements. The Border Guard will also re-hire personnel who have retired in recent years.

Additional funding for rescue services equipment

An appropriation of EUR 0.6 million is proposed for the Ministry of the Interior to cover the costs faced by regional rescue services arising from the prevention of and preparedness for the coronavirus. This appropriation will be used to procure, for example, personal protective equipment and supplies. It also covers labour input for the acquisition and distribution of equipment to the fire brigades and for the provision of instructions and translations. In addition, this appropriation covers coronavirus testing of rescue personnel.

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