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New Advisory Board on Gambling appointed

Ministry of the Interior 21.11.2019 13.38 | Published in English on 2.12.2019 at 11.02
Press release 100/2019

The Government has appointed a new Advisory Board on Gaming for the parliamentary term 2019–2023. According to the Lotteries Act, the task of the Advisory Board is to monitor the achievement of gambling policy goals and development needs in order to maintain and strengthen the exclusive right system.

The Advisory Board follows and assesses the general development of the situation related to the harm resulting from gambling, changes in the operating environment of gambling and legislative drafting concerning gambling policy. It also plays an important role as a forum for dialogue and exchange of information between the ministries, authorities, parliamentary parties and representatives of the communities receiving grants from the proceeds of gambling services.

The Advisory Board is chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior. The Vice-Chair represents parliamentary parties. Other members and their deputies represent the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Finance, the National Police Board, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the political parties represented in Parliament, and the communities receiving grants from the proceeds from gambling services. The Ministry of the Interior may also appoint permanent experts to the Advisory Board.

Composition of the Advisory Board on Gambling:
Ilkka Salmi, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Interior

Antton Rönnholm, Party Secretary, Social Democratic Party

Representatives of ministries and authorities
Katriina Laitinen, Director of Legislative Affairs, Ministry of the Interior
Jaana Husu-Kallio, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Culture
Kirsi Varhila, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Sari Alho, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Pekka Hurtola, Senior Financial Counsellor, Prime Minister's Office
Kirsti Vallinheimo, Budget Counsellor, Ministry of Finance
Seppo Kolehmainen, National Police Commissioner, National Police Board
Saini Mustalampi, Chief Specialist, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

Representatives of parliamentary parties
Antton Rönnholm, Party Secretary, Social Democratic Party
Ari Koponen, Member of Parliament, Finns Party
Wille Rydman, Member of Parliament, National Coalition Party
Juha Pylväs, Member of Parliament, Centre Party
Katri Pihlaja, Master of Social Sciences, Green League
Riitta Matilainen, Doctor, Left Alliance
Henrik Wickström, Deputy Party Leader, Swedish People's Party
Päivi Räsänen, Member of Parliament, Christian Democrats
Juhani Klemetti, B.A. in International Affairs, Movement Now

Representatives of communities receiving grants from the proceeds of gambling services
Riitta Kittilä, Organisation Manager, SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health
Vesa Mäkinen, Managing Director, Suomen Hippos
Tommi Saarikivi, Managing Director, Association of Finnish Theatres

Each member has a personal deputy. The term of office of the Advisory Board will start on 25 November 2019 and continue until the appointment of a new Advisory Board.

Elina Rydman, Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 295 488 586, [email protected]