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An action programme to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries

Ministry of the Interior
18.12.2020 14.42
Press release 162/2020
Driver's hands on the steering wheel.

Police traffic enforcement is of key importance to improving road safety and combating traffic crime. However, other broad-based, as well as targeted actions are also needed. An action programme for police traffic enforcement and traffic safety for 2021–2024, prepared by the Ministry of the Interior, was sent for comments on 18 December.

“The programme’s objectives are to reduce traffic deaths and serious injuries, and to combat the grey economy in commercial transport. It also aims to enhance the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of traffic crime. Maintaining traffic safety is naturally another key objective of the programme”, says Chief Superintendent Jari Pajunen.

The programme emphasises, among other things, cooperation, communication, and preventive measures

The action programme emphasises effectiveness, cooperation, skills, communication, fact-based management, and preventive action. As the organisation in charge of police operations, the National Police Board of Finland will implement the objectives of the action programme.

The Ministry of Transport and Communication is currently preparing a national traffic safety strategy. The action programme for the police will be updated on the basis of the conclusions of this strategy if necessary.

Police improve road safety together with stakeholders and citizens

Police cooperation and information sharing with other road safety authorities, organisations and municipalities is essential. Cooperation is local, regional, national, and international and it aims to improve traffic safety.

It is also important that citizens want to cooperate with the police to promote road safety. The effectiveness of policing is largely based on the assistance and cooperation of citizens, and their support for police work.

Reductions in road deaths falling short of targets in recent years

Road safety has improved over the long term, but the targets for the reduction of traffic deaths have not been achieved in recent years. According to preliminary information from Statistics Finland, 210 people died and 4,994 were injured in road traffic in 2019. According to preliminary data, 196 people died on the roads during the January–November period this year.

Additional information:
Chief Superintendent Jari Pajunen, tel.  +358 295 488 576, [email protected]