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Finland sends rescue services material assistance to Lithuania

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 20.7.2021 10.46
Press release 92/2021

The Ministry of the Interior has decided to send material assistance to Lithuania through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism. Lithuania has requested international assistance from the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, where Finland is a member.

Finland will send hall tents and blankets to Lithuania. The Lithuanian authorities have requested material assistance from other EU countries, as a record number of refugees have arrived in Lithuania via Belarus in recent weeks.

The material assistance will be delivered through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism as part of the European Union’s joint assistance mission. The Ministry of the Interior has cooperated with the National Emergency Supply Agency and the Finnish Red Cross in the procurement and transport of supplies. The European Commission supports the Member States that are sending material assistance in their transport costs. 

Jari Honkanen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 488 323, [email protected]