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New act further restricts consumer access to certain explosives precursors

Ministry of the Interior
26.11.2020 15.55
Press release 149/2020

The Government has submitted to Parliament a proposal for an act on the marketing and use of explosives precursors and certain related acts. The new act would place further restrictions on consumer access to certain explosives precursors. 

The act would lay down national provisions on the marketing and use of explosives precursors and repeal the current act on the marketing and use of explosives precursors. National provisions would supplement the relevant Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The new act would largely correspond to the existing act but would contain certain clarifications required by the EU Regulation. For example, consumers would no longer be able to obtain specific chlorates and perchlorates in certain concentrations, which is possible under the current Regulation of 2013. Sulphuric acid in a certain concentration would also be subject to a licence.

The Government also proposes that more thorough background checks be carried out on licence applicants. The related provisions would be added to the Act on the Storage of Information Extracted from the Criminal Records and on the Disclosure of Such Information between Finland and Other Member States of the European Union and to the Criminal Records Act.

The acts are scheduled to enter into force on 1 February 2021 when the application of the EU Regulation begins.

Hannele Taavila, Senior Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 295 488 568, [email protected]