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Review of Ukrainians in Finland improves the preparedness of local government and other authorities

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 7.11.2022 12.00
Press release

Ukrainian refugees cannot return home while a large-scale war continues in their home country. As many are staying in Finland for longer than they first thought, the authorities are looking to help them settle down. Towards the end of the year, E2 Research will carry out a review of the current situation and future plans of Ukrainians in Finland. The study will expand on the report which the Ministry of the Interior published in September.

The new review will improve the public sector's ability to anticipate changes in situations and service needs. The information will help the local government and other authorities prepare for the transfer in spring when many Ukrainians, who are currently covered by reception services, will start accessing municipal services instead.

The review will focus on the life situation and experiences of Ukrainians living in Finland. It seeks to gain a better understanding of the current situation by asking what Ukrainians think about their life here and what their future expectations are.

To obtain information, E2 Research will interview Ukrainians, authorities and the professionals working with Ukrainians and use European reference data.

The study will receive funding from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Ministry of the Interior and E2 Research. The premise of Sitra’s Democracy and Participation theme is to enable the voice of all population groups to be heard in society. Immigrants in particular usually have poorer opportunities than the mainstream population to exert influence in society.

The review will be published in early 2023.

Preliminary data: about one in three will remain in Finland

The Ministry of the Interior investigated the situation and service needs of Ukrainians who had fled to Finland by means of an online survey, to which 2,136 responses were received from 273 localities. The survey took place in June and July 2022. Up to 27 per cent of the respondents reported that they no longer planned to return to Ukraine, while one in three (33 per cent) had decided to return to Ukraine after the end of the war or sooner.

Almost 40 per cent of the respondents said their plans were still open. Access to employment in Finland was one of the most important factors influencing the plans, in addition to the state of the war in Ukraine.

Since February 2022, some 44,000 Ukrainian nationals have arrived in Finland to apply for temporary protection or asylum.


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