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Government proposal on the General Government Fiscal Plan and the second supplementary budget:
Financing for basic activities of internal security authorities and necessary investments emphasised in Ministry of the Interior’s proposal for appropriations

Ministry of the Interior
8.4.2020 14.31 | Published in English on 9.4.2020 at 15.00
Press release 26/2020
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The Government has concluded its negotiations on the 2021–2024 General Government Fiscal Plan and the second supplementary budget.

The Government has concluded its negotiations on the 2021–2024 General Government Fiscal Plan and the second supplementary budget. 

“Internal security professionals safeguard our everyday lives under both normal and emergency conditions. The police and border guards in particular are currently working round the clock to safeguard our health. The Government is responsible for ensuring that sufficient finances are available for this important work,” says Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo.

Second supplementary budget intended for covering costs incurring from COVID-19 situation 

In the Government’s second supplementary budget, approximately EUR 8.4 million is proposed for the Border Guard to cover the expenditure incurring from the reintroduction of internal border controls between 19 March and 13 May 2020.

A total of EUR 300,000 is proposed for the police to cover expenditures incurred at the initial stages, such as the personnel and vehicle costs that arose from implementing the restrictions on movement in and out of Uusimaa.

The authorities will be reimbursed fully for the exceptional costs arising from the management of the coronavirus situation, and the appropriations will be included in the supplementary budget proposals during 2020. This applies, for example, to the growing expenditure incurred by the police.

A total of EUR 125 000 is proposed for the Emergency Response Centre Agency to develop the notification features of the 112 Suomi application and for maintaining the operations of the Emergency Response Centre Agency under emergency conditions.

General Government Fiscal Plan invests in border control 

The Ministry of the Interior proposes a total appropriation of approximately EUR 1.5 billion for its administrative branch for the entire 2021–2024 spending limits period. 

A fixed-term increase of EUR 10 million in 2021 and 2022 is proposed in the General Government Fiscal Plan to ensure the operational performance of the Border Guard. Funding is also proposed for improving the security of premises and for implementing the changes to national information systems required by the reform of the Schengen Information System (SIS).

A total of EUR 10 million is proposed for the police in 2021 to maintain investment capabilities. Additional funding is proposed, for example, for vehicle investments, implementing the national-level changes required by the SIS, and for the premises costs of the National Security Police offices. 

The Government also proposes additional funding to combat the grey economy. In line with the Government Programme, measures to combat the grey economy will be expanded and accelerated in order to reduce the tax deficit.

The Government proposes reinforcing the prevention of radicalisation with an annual increase in appropriations throughout the spending limits period. This funding will be used to support, among other things, Exit activities aiming to combat violent extremism and to help radicalised individuals break away from harmful activities. The objective of Exit activities is to reduce the threat of violence and to supplement criminal justice instruments.

The Government proposes EUR 2.4 million for 2021 and 2022 to safeguard the operations of the Emergency Services College, to improve the quality of its training and to support its research and development activities. This will help to ensure sufficient and competent staff for the rescue services and urgent help for people.

An additional appropriation is proposed for the Finnish Immigration Service to address the backlog of work and study-based residence permit applications and to support the development of automation and the maintenance and development of the electronic case management system for immigration affairs. The degree of automation of the system will be increased in order to streamline permit processing and speed up processing times, for example

In addition, an increase is proposed for the spending limits period to replace the current premises of the Helsinki detention unit. An additional annual appropriation is also proposed to support the Assistance System for Victims of Human Trafficking.

A report on the General Government Fiscal Plan will be submitted to Parliament on 16 April 2020.

Kati Korpi, Director of Finance and Planning, tel. +358 295 488 513, [email protected] 
Jussi Pyykkönen, Special Adviser to Minister Ohisalo, tel. +358 44 023 9149. [email protected]