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The Ministry of the Interior decided on the relocation of the Crisis Management Centre to Helsinki

Ministry of the Interior 6.7.2018 15.03
Press release 79/2018

Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland) will be relocated from Kuopio to Helsinki. The Ministry of the Interior made a decision on the relocation on 5 July 2018. The Crisis Management Centre is one of the authorities involved in the implementation of foreign and security policy in Finland. Strengthening Finland’s position in international crisis management must be done in cooperation with our partners in comprehensive crisis management and other international partners. Helsinki provides best opportunities for achieving this.

The regionalisation coordination team discussed the location of the CMC in its meeting on 29 June 2018 on the basis of a relocation report produced by the Ministry of the Interior. The report compared Helsinki, Säkylä and Tampere with the CMC’s current location, Kuopio.

In its statement, the coordination team was of the opinion that the Ministry of the Interior has extensively evaluated the operational, financial and regional effects of the proposal as well as its effect on the personnel as stipulated by the decree. According to the decision, it is evident that the operational aspects referred to in the relocation report clearly support the relocation of the CMC to Helsinki. Although the matter falls within the mandate of the Ministry of the Interior, the regionalisation coordination team required that the ministry consider subjecting the matter to decision by the government plenary session.

In accordance with the Constitution of Finland and the Government Act, the Government plenary session decides upon broad-based issues and important matters of principle. The CMC employs some 20 people. The total number of government jobs in the Kuopio area is 2,700. Based on comprehensive consideration, the Ministry of the Interior concluded that the decision concerning the location of the CMC does not constitute a broad-based issue or an important matter of principle as defined by law, and consequently the decision can be made within the Ministry of the Interior.

Preparations for the transfer will begin immediately. In practice, the relocation will be preceded by a transition period of approximately two years.

CMC Finland is a centre of expertise in civilian crisis management and international disaster response. Its main duties include training and recruiting of experts for international civilian crisis management and rescue services, answering for material preparedness and research and development in the field.


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