Finland’s eastern border is closed

You cannot enter Finland via the border between Finland and Russia. The border crossing points on the eastern border are closed. You cannot apply for asylum at Finland’s eastern border.

Do not come to the border. 

The Finnish authorities guard the borders at all times. The borders are monitored on land, at sea and in the air.

Do not believe what smugglers tell you

The eastern border is closed because the Russian authorities are taking advantage of people to promote their own interests.

Do not believe what smugglers or brokers tell you. They are spreading false information about Finland online. Smugglers tell lies because they want your money.

Finland wants to prevent people from putting themselves at risk and arriving at the border based on false information.

Your fingerprints will be stored in the European database

You cannot use an application for asylum in Finland as a way to get to other countries. The European countries have agreed that asylum applications will only be processed in one country. This is called the Dublin procedure.

The authorities will record your information and save your fingerprints, signature and a photo of you. Your fingerprints will be stored in the European Eurodac database. It is against the law to refuse to give your fingerprints.

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The Border Guard maintains security at Finland’s borders. Read more about the restrictions on entry: Restrictions at the border crossing points on the eastern border of Finland

Information about the Dublin procedure on the European Commission's website

Information on the requirements for safe and legal migration is available on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service: Application Finder | Finnish Immigration Service