Employee benefits  

Our work has a purpose: We are working towards making Finland a safe country now and in future.

Competent and committed employees are a great asset to us, and  we have many ways to support their wellbeing and development. If you join us, we will make every effort to ensure you enjoy your work and succeed in it.

The Ministry of the Interior has centrally located offices with good transport links at Kirkkokatu 12 in Helsinki.

Flexible working hours

The Ministry working hours are 7 hours and 15 minutes per day and 36 hours and 15 minutes per week. You can start work flexibly between 6.30 and 10.00 and finish between 14.00 and 19.30.

You can also combine remote and office work as it best fits your job. 

The Ministry offers better than average holiday benefits. You annual holiday entitlement will depend on the length of your central government service.

Great opportunities for professional development

We provide varied opportunities for training and upskilling.

We encourage mobility because it improves the skills of both those going on job rotation and the organisation at large. Mentoring programmes are available across the Government and in the Ministry of the Interior administrative branch, providing further opportunities for professional growth. 

Ministry employees have access to the extensive course selection on eOppiva, the shared government training platform, and to the training sessions designed for all ministries' staff. Our specialists hold breakfast sessions and research briefings on various topics for the Ministry staff. It is important for us that everyone knows the Ministry's mission and duties. 

If you are recruited for a temporary position in another government agency, you may be given leave of absence from your current job.

Balancing work and leisure

Remote work and flexible working hours will make it easier to balance your work and leisure time.

You also have access to part-time childcare leave, study leave and part-time pension. You can stay at home to care for a sick child under 12 years of age and, under certain conditions, you can take unpaid informal carer's leave to care for a close relative. 

Support for keeping healthy

We support employee wellbeing through a comprehensive occupational healthcare package that includes preventive care and health checks after recruitment and at certain ages. If you fall ill, we will provide medical care with emphasis on occupational health, and support for maintaining your ability to work. We have even negotiated special employee discounts for massage therapy. 

We will provide you with healthy workspaces and high-quality facilities and equipment to carry out your work.

Support for physical activity and cultural pursuits

Our employee benefits include an allowance towards payments for exercise classes, event tickets and cultural pursuits. We use the Smartum online platform, which allows you to choose from a vast selection sports and cultural venues.

Employees have free access to a gym in the Ministry's premises. Across the Government, employees run social clubs from yoga and mindfulness to choir singing, motorcycling and craft making.

If your next meeting happens to take place across town, you can borrow one of our Finnish-made Jopo bikes to keep fit and get there faster.

Wellbeing at work

The Ministry has an active social committee for planning away days and other recreational and wellbeing activities. The departments also organise their own activities.

You also get to participate in ministries’ joint events.

Meal benefit

The Ministry subsidises meals purchased at the employee restaurants located in any ministry's offices.