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Home affairs ministers discuss EU migration policy reform and internal security

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 11.12.2020 15.26 | Published in English on 14.12.2020 at 11.31
Press release 157/2020
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EU home affairs ministers will hold an informal videoconference on 14 December 2020. Finland is represented by Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo. The ministers will continue the discussion on the reform of the EU's migration and asylum policy. Other items on the agenda include the future of internal security and cooperation between law enforcement authorities. No decisions will be made at the informal meeting.

The German Presidency will present a progress report describing the issues where consensus has already been reached and the issues that need to be clarified. The ministers will cover key elements of the reform of migration and asylum policy, including the Common European Asylum System, return issues, relations with non-EU countries and legal pathways. The Presidency will not seek formal approval for the report from the Member States, but Finland supports a comprehensive summary of the discussions held during the autumn as the basis for further work.

“Progress on the migration and asylum policy reform is important for Finland. The work on the basis of the Commission's proposals of September is only just beginning. Finland consistently emphasises respect for fundamental and human rights and that due consideration is given to the needs of vulnerable persons, such as victims of human trafficking, children and women,” Minister Ohisalo says.

Internal security conclusions promote cooperation between law enforcement authorities of the Member States

The ministers will discuss the conclusions on internal security and the European police partnership at their meeting. The conclusions deal extensively with various aspects of internal security and law enforcement cooperation. Finland endorses the Council conclusions on internal security and the European police partnership.

“When it comes to internal security, it is essential to anticipate and develop the capacity of the authorities to respond to changing security threats and to protect the security of citizens, while respecting fundamental and human rights,” says Ohisalo.

The conclusions call on Member States to further strengthen cross-border law enforcement cooperation by making full use of the existing information exchange instruments.

They also emphasise that the threat of terrorism arising from all types of violent extremism remains high in the EU and call for the swift adoption of the regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online. At the meeting, the German Presidency will inform ministers on the latest developments concerning the regulation.

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