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Study of migration administration structures to develop the best possible model

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 20.12.2022 12.33 | Published in English on 20.12.2022 at 16.30
Press release

The Ministry of the Interior has commissioned an external study on the organisation of migration administration. Requested by the leaders of the five government parties, the study aims to provide an overall picture of migration legislation, processes related to entry into and stay in Finland, and the roles of national authorities.

The structures and operating practices of the Finnish Immigration Service, in particular, have sparked discussion. The Service is undergoing extensive reforms, including changes in its organisational culture.

“Supporting the Finnish Immigration Service's reform and political decision-making, the study will produce more information on an authority model that would best support a comprehensive migration policy and guarantee a seamless service experience, regardless of a person's reason for entering the country,” says Director General Minna Hulkkonen.

The study examines migration administration in Finland and reference countries Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The study report will be drawn up by Master of Laws with court training Pekka Järviö who has extensive experience of activities in several branches of government. The work, which has already begun, will be completed in by March 2023.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is about to launch a study on the official structures and cooperation between branches of government that could best support a successful increase in work-based and education-based immigration. The studies are a collaborative effort by the ministries, and the conclusions should form a comprehensive picture of the methods for organising migration administration.


Sanna Sutter, Director of Development and Steering, tel. +358 295 488 200, [email protected]