Join us in organising immigration dialogues

Can we talk about immigration constructively? Yes, and there are tools available for it! The Ministry of Interior invited  organisations and groups to organise immigration dialogues in October and November 2022 (7 October, 27 October and 3 November). 

Constructive discussion on immigration #immigrationdialogues

How does immigration affect people’s everyday lives in Finland? What is preventing Finland from tapping its full potential? What are the challenges related to immigration? How can the integration of immigrants into society be supported? These issues, for example, can be addressed in the immigration dialogues.

The aims of the immigration dialogues are to 

  • increase discussion and understanding between different people and groups
  • expand awareness of the changing nature of immigration
  • broaden the debate on immigration from asylum policy to the overall picture 
  • promote integration and the inclusion of immigrants

Various kinds of discussions and participants are needed

Organisers of immigration dialogues are wanted among, for example, municipalities, associations, companies, authorities, political parties, networks, projects, educational institutions, museums and libraries. 

We hope that there will be numerous immigration dialogues in different parts of Finland, using the Timeout method, to allow those born in Finland and those who have moved here to hear each other’s views, gain new insights and build a vision of a diverse Finland together.

Organising an immigration dialogue will also provide an opportunity to promote a constructive culture of dialogue. The aim is not to reach consensus but to build multi-voiced understanding. 

A summary of the discussion records will be prepared and used in the forthcoming comprehensive reform of the Aliens Act and in the preparation of Finland’s comprehensive immigration policy. The summary will also be submitted to the parties sitting in Parliament.

Organising a discussion is easy and does not require great effort. What is most important is the desire to reduce confrontation and to support a culture of acceptance and inclusion. 

Come and join us – you are needed!

For further information, please contact:
Mariana Salgado
, Service Designer
tel. +358 40 585 7727, [email protected]

Anna Rundgren, Senior Specialist 
tel. +358 295 488 324, [email protected]