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Minister of the Interior Risikko to attend meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Council on 7 December

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 5.12.2017 13.03 | Published in English on 5.12.2017 at 15.16
Press release 129/2017

Minister of the Interior Paula Risikko will attend the meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Brussels on 7 December. The topics on the agenda include counter-terrorism, the interoperability of EU information systems and the reform of the Common European Asylum System.

When addressing the issue of counter-terrorism, the home affairs ministers will discuss the interim report issued by the Commission’s High-level Expert Group on Radicalisation. The report sets out the EU-level priority areas for combating violent radicalisation. The aim is for the EU to be able to support, through better coordinated action, the Member States in countering violent radicalisation.

"The EU provides valuable support to Member States in countering radicalisation, and the proposed EU-level priorities are justified. It is important that the priorities are also flexible and they can be modified as the phenomenon changes. When it comes to countering radicalisation, all Member States are in the same boat," says Minister Risikko.

The EU home affairs ministers will also exchange views on strengthening the Schengen area and discuss the regulatory framework for retaining electronic traffic data for official purposes.

Due to the JHA Council and the negotiations between the EU home affairs ministers on counter-terrorism prior to the Council meeting, Minister Risikko will not attend the Independence Day Reception of the President of the Republic of Finland.


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