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Fees charged by the Finnish Immigration Service to change in 2022

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 16.12.2021 15.39
Press release 165

The Ministry of the Interior has issued a decree on fees charged by the Finnish Immigration Service. The decree will enter into force on 1 January 2022.

Fees charged for processing applications aim to promote the use of online services

Moderate adjustments will be made to the prices of some of the Finnish Immigration Service’s chargeable services in the beginning of 2022. The processing fees for residence permit applications and citizenship declarations will slightly decrease in the beginning of 2022. For example, the fee for permanent residence permits will be EUR 160 from the beginning of 2022 (previously EUR 190).  The fee for citizenship declarations submitted in paper form will be EUR 160 (previously EUR 200), while the fee for citizenship declarations submitted online will be EUR 120 (previously EUR 150).

The processing fees for certain applications submitted in paper form will increase. For example, the fee for paper applications for extended residence permits will rise to EUR 430 (previously EUR 330), and the fee for paper applications for seasonal work certificates will rise to EUR 250 (previously EUR 175). 

The fees for EU registrations and residence permit cards for UK citizens will increase from EUR 49 to EUR 54. These fees are in line with the fee charged for the national identity card, which will be EUR 54 in 2022.

No increases are proposed to the other fees charged for online services, as the Finnish Immigration Service can process online applications at a lower cost than paper applications. It is also easier for customers to apply online. The purpose of the fees is to encourage applicants to increasingly use the online services.

Fees correspond to the costs of processing

The processing fees are determined based on the costs incurred to the Finnish Immigration Service in processing the applications. The processing fees also play a role in ensuring adequate resources for the Finnish Immigration Service, which helps the agency in meeting the deadlines set for processing applications.

For social and humanitarian reasons, the processing fees are, however, lower than the costs in the case of first residence permit applications (excluding employee, entrepreneur and start-up entrepreneur permits) and in the case of applications for fixed-term residence permits for minors and students, for example. Applying for international protection is free of charge.

Iikka Saunamäki
, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 488 267, [email protected]