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Virtuaalivappu.fi is putting together the most entertaining vappu events on the web
Minister of the Interior Ohisalo: This year, we will celebrate vappu at home

Ministry of the Interior
24.4.2020 12.40
Press release 31/2020

The Ministry of the Interior and the police have launched the #virtuaalivappu campaign, which encourages people to deviate from traditions and celebrate vappu on the web, in line with the restrictions on gatherings. The aim is to give people alternative ways to spend vappu together while avoiding close contacts. You can check out the online vappu events at virtuaalivappu.fi.

"Vappu is traditionally celebrated together and outdoors. Now, because of the coronavirus epidemic and the restrictions on gatherings, this is not possible. But just because we can’t have picnics in the park or watch Havis Amanda get her cap at the Market Square, that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to celebrate in other ways. Vappu is not cancelled – it is now being celebrated at home and virtually," says Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo.

Events range from quarantine concerts to sima tastings

This year, people are encouraged to celebrate vappu at home: sip sima on the sofa, plan a picnic on the parquet and blow up balloons on the balcony. Social media influencers are also taking part in the campaign so we can be sure that the message on the importance of avoiding physical vappu gatherings will reach different target groups. The influencers involved are popular with young people in particular, but also other age groups and people in different life situations.

Over the next week, the virtuaalivappu.fi website is putting together the most entertaining tips for how to spend your time on the day before vappu and on vappu itself. Artists, influencers, student organisations, communities, businesses, cities and municipalities can provide information about their free vappu livestreams that are open to all.

Dozens of people are already involved, and the aim is to gather as many different events as possible on the website. One influencer planning his own livestream is Tuure Boelius, a YouTuber and artist who is encouraging his followers to celebrate virtual vappu on Instagram and TikTok. Instagram influencers Hanna Sumari, Juhani Koskinen, Päivi Sappinen, Emmi Nuorgam, Hanne Kettunen, Inari Fernández, Dosdela, Joonas Pesonen and A-lapset are also taking part.

The purpose of the restrictions on gatherings is to protect people from the spread of the coronavirus

The campaign is motivated by the authorities’ concerns about people complying with the restrictions on gatherings during vappu. While the police will be visibly monitoring compliance with the restrictions on gatherings and restaurants, the responsibility for compliance with these restrictions and for ensuring responsible behaviour ultimately rests with the people themselves. All physical contacts must now be kept to a minimum, even if they are not directly prohibited by law.

"The restrictions on physical contacts are especially difficult during holidays. However, it is important to remember why they are in place: to protect lives and health, for risk groups and all of us. The restrictions in effect seem to be working, and thanks for this are due to all responsible Finns and other people living in Finland. That said, the situation may change rapidly if people fail to comply with the restrictions. The coronavirus spreads precisely when we spend time together at close range," Minister Ohisalo reminds us.

Other authorities in the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior and the government as a whole are also involved in the campaign. The virtual vappu concept was created in cooperation with PING Helsinki, an influencer marketing company.


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