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New aerodrome added to Ministry of the Interior Decree on Restrictions on Access, Movement and Stay

Ministry of the Interior 28.10.2019 11.48
Press release 82/2019

The aerodrome Redstone AERO in Pyhtää on the south-east coast of Finland has been included in the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior on Restrictions on Access, Movement and Stay.

The decree of the Ministry of the Interior issued by virtue of the Police Act may restrict access, movement or stay in a site or its surroundings due to a danger posed by the site or to the site. Access to and mobility and stay in a restricted area are prohibited without the permission of the operator of the site. The aerodrome in Pyhtää is operated by Redstone Aero Oy. A fine may be imposed for violating the restriction.

The current decree covers a total of 127 sites where access, movement or stay is restricted. The sites covered by the restriction include aerodromes, prisons, main grid transformer substations, certain mining and industrial sites, and surroundings of the official and summer residence of the President of the Republic.

The aim of the restrictions is to secure operations or property items in the site or to protect people both outside and within the site. The sites where access, movement and stay are restricted are often extremely dangerous to safety, and movement and stay in such sites require thorough knowledge of the area concerned. The decree requires that such sites must be marked out clearly and, where necessary, the most important areas in terms of the purpose of use must be fenced.

The amendment to the decree will enter into force in the beginning of November 2019.

Heidi Aliranta, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 488 367, [email protected]